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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Novelty CUT STAMPS Postcards

In this post, we take a look at one kind of novelty postcards where the illustration is made of cut stamps glued onto the front...above is a classic Chinese design with a man carrying buckets from a stream.  Cut stamps are combined with drawn elements to complete the picture.  I have also shown the back - a divided back postcard printed Made in China.

A slender lady admires a vase of flowers on this image - note that the image here is made exclusively of cut stamps. The back of this card says it was made in Miami, FL and though it has writing on the back, there is no postmark to date it.

Above is a great elaborate cut stamp image that includes a hot-air balloon, a toy ship and a pail along with the figures.  A divided back postcard, it was made in France, and is postmarked 1913.  In this design, the figures' faces are cut from face stamps.

This unusual devil figure riding a broom has a divided back and, in the stampbox, says Made in Hungary.  Printed on the left edge of the back is the description shown above.  It is unused.

This complex cathedral image has many pieces of cut stamps, hand-drawn details, and wonderful colors.  It is the size of a standard postcard at about 3.5 X 5.5 inches, but has a blank back and no information about where or when it was made. 

A brown rabbit goes shopping with a red umbrella on this unusual cut stamp postcard.  Details are added by hand, including a green and brown base for the image.  On a divided back postcard, there is no indication of date or origin, only the words Post Card.

Cut stamp postcards are available in a variety of designs.  The largest group has designs of classic Chinese scenes, but as this post shows, there are many other themes. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beautiful BIRDS on Antique Postcards

This post focuses on Bird designs, which can be found on all sorts of greetings and holiday postcards - there are many fine Christmas bird postcards for instance, but I'll save those for winter weather.  In this post, we will look at some other bird images, starting with the embossed postcard above.  The beauty of this image is enhanced by a delicate gold pattern in the background that resembles a lacy coral...and the peach-colored roses are gorgeous, too.  This is a simple greeting postcard, so does not cost much but adds a wonderful splash of color to any collection.

Here's another embossed design of a bird carrying a letter in its beak...the bright gold sun rising on the horizon is echoed in gold details highlighting the fancy border and on the bird.

If you like these very Victorian postcards with ladies' hands and flowers, you are in luck as there are many variations of this design.  Also with bright gold and rich embossing, they make a splashy display at a reasonable price. 

A solid golden eagle above brilliant big roses makes an eye-catching image on a Birthday greeting - this embossed design also comes with patriotic greetings.

Here are two tropical birds on flat matte-finish postcards signed by Catherine Klein - brilliant colors and quality artwork make them ideal for framing.  Below is a Klein design of birds flying over water lilies.  They share the sky with a dragonfly. 

Many beautiful postcards without prominent sentiments lend themselves to framing - below is a framed pair that hung on the wall in my office for many years - now it is 'retired' like me...as you can see, the top image in the frame is from the same series as the card that begins this post.   In our eBay store, Postcardiva, you can purchase custom-cut mats that fit antique and vintage postcards.  This allows you to frame an individual postcard in any 5X7 inch frame or adapt multiple-opening frames to fit your postcards perfectly.

 Part of the fun in theme-collecting is displaying your treasures - enjoy!

Friday, March 18, 2016

PEOPLE in Big Eggs Fantasy EASTER Postards

In the category of Easter fantasy postcards we find people in giant eggs, too.  The postcards shown in this post cover several different series showing children and pretty ladies in eggs, most with nice embossing.  Above, we see one of a series with cheerful children in old-fashioned outfits 'hatching' from big white eggs.  Rich embossing with Spring flowers to add color.  

Holiday collectors will recognize the artwork of Ellen Clapsaddle in this girl wearing an eggshell and holding pussy willow stems, a symbol of Spring.  It's one in a series of embossed Easter fantasy designs published by International Art. 

Here is an unusual photo montage fantasy of a little girl with tinted flowers inside a fancy cart made of a giant egg.  Published in France with a divided back and not embossed.

This glamorous image of a lady in a fetching off-the-shoulder gown has nice embossing and shining gold highlights with art nouveau styling.  Note the stem of pussy willow among the bright flowers.  This is an early undivided back postcard published by MacFarlane.

This lively little girl is inside an eggshell with a German greeting and surrounded by flowers.  Lovely embossing and delicate gold details add to the charm of this Easter image.  

Above is just one of the PFB (Paul Finkenrath Berlin) series of very fine Easter fantasy postcard designs with exceptional artwork, rich embossing and top-quality lithography - all of the designs show children in country attire, giant eggs, gorgeous colors in both the landscape and the sky. 

One of my favorite series with outstanding red backgrounds and pretty girls clustered inside giant decorated eggs...in this example, brown rabbits share the design.  Just charming, with pretty artwork and a super-bright background to show off the subtle shades of the central image.   This card is not embossed.

A risque collecting classic with gorgeous (and apparently nude) women peeking out of big white Easter eggs - cards in this series have both vertical and horizontal designs.  All the women are beautiful!  The dark backgrounds emphasize the brightness of the images.  These postcards are not embossed - they are printed on soft paper which usually shows edge and corner wear.  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

BIG Eggs on Antique EASTER Postcards

Big eggs on antique postcards are great thematic 'frames' on Easter postcards - this post shares some bright fantasy images of chicks and rabbits with giant eggs.  The first two shown have rich embossing, gold lettering and vivid flower backgrounds.

The great big red egg below creates shelter for a rabbit examining decorated eggs.  There's room in there for a little greenery, too.  Pussy willow again represents Spring in the background.  Gold lettering and lovely embossing.

Below are two postcards from the same set showing upright rabbits hiking with colorful Easter eggs inside egg 'frames' with pussy willow decoration.  The neutral background shows off the vivid colors in the sunny outdoor settings.  

Here are a couple of romantic rabbits inside a giant egg - this series is a collector favorite and includes images of kissing rabbits and a mother rabbit with bunnies...all have rich embossing and wonderful artwork.

Our last image shows a big golden egg 'framing' a pretty water scene with rabbits on the outside this time.  Rich embossing and a fine country image with red-sail boat.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Favorite FLOWERS on Antique Postcards: ROSES

Roses on antique postcards are a classic collecting favorite.  Designs come in a variety of colors and styles:  each of the postcards in this post is from a series of greeting postcards that would be especially fine shown together.  Choose your personal favorite!

The above two Birthday postcards have natural-looking pink roses with rich embossing.

Here are two examples from a series of roses in vases with delicate gold details, brilliant colors and fine embossing.  

This series of fabulous roses labels each with its name in faint lettering, a delightful group to frame.  The first picture in this post is also from this series.

This series of roses in baskets with greetings printed on little banners comes with both baskets and roses in different colors.  

This gorgeous embossed postcard with a silver background is signed at the lower left by C. Klein who created many fine images of nature - her roses are probably the most famous. 

We close with a novelty design postcard, airbrushed color applied to extra-embossed roses around the edges of a Congratulation greeting.  This postcard has carefully applied color and is a fine example of the extra-embossed style. 

Favorite FLOWERS on Antique Postcards: Forget-me-nots

Collecting a favorite flower on antique postcards creates a group with exceptional color for display.  You can choose a flower that has special meaning to you or one whose color coordinates with your decor. Forget-me-nots have an especially friendly/romantic meaning and appear on many antique postcards, making them easy to find.   Here's just an example of forget-me-not greeting postcards.  All are embossed. 

This whimsical sleigh of forget-me-nots drawn by doves is one of my favorites, combining the beautiful blue and white of the design elements with a "floral object" fantasy. 

Above is a lovely classical design with no sentiment - perfect for framing!  Below is another "floral object" with little hearts floating in the smoke from the fantasy locomotive.

This design combines a country scene with the forget-me-nots, and adds a bright golden 'frame' for extra sparkle.  The Congratulation postcard below also has bright gold added to the image as a cornucopia-shaped vase holds the flowers.

In the next post we'll take a look at ROSE postcards - a perennial favorite of collectors.

MORE Fabulous Inexpensive GREETING Postcards

This is a second post showcasing some extra-vivid greeting postcards from the early years of the 20th century, all with rich embossing.  Available for just a few dollars each, they have outstanding colors and eye-catching designs.  They are ideal for artists, craftspersons and scrapbooking, and I like to send a picture of one of these with an email.

The two above greetings are especially wonderful for the rose-collector with big bright images of that beloved flower.

This Best Wishes design has a solid gold background, adding another layer of elegance to this image of violets and delicate lilies-of-the-valley. 

This design incorporates a big gold Good Luck horseshoe into the Best Wishes image.

Below are two postcards from a gorgeous bird-and-rainbow series that looks fabulous framed together.  Each card has a fancy gold border with art nouveau styling.

This image of red blossoms floating through the air has a sophisticated flair.  Inexpensive greeting designs come in a variety of types - the ones with no sentiment are especially suitable for framing.  You can find them for a few dollars on the internet sites and may also find exceptional examples reasonably priced at postcard shows - happy collecting!