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Sunday, December 26, 2010


We begin 2011 with a post for Angel-lovers as they appear on turn-of-the-century New Year postcards.  Angels appear with many classic New Year accoutrements, and also combine with the technological marvels of the early 1900s to add a 'modern' touch to the greetings our ancestors were sending to friends and family.

The first card in our post shows an EAS-published design of an Angel driving in the New Year in a shamrock-bedecked automobile.  Wherever found on early 1900s postcards, the green four-leaf clover is a symbol of Good Luck.  Traditional New Year postcards feature symbols of good luck and wealth.  In this post we see both these traditional designs and some unusual images.  Below is an Angel rowing pink blossoms into the New Year in a wooden shoe.  Like all the postcards in this post, it has nice embossing.

One of our favorite series shows a variety of Angels riding New Year bells in what appears to be the arched opening in a belltower.  They have rich embossing and bright shining metallics added - this series appears with either silver or gold, and we show two examples here.

Some of the Angels in this series are sweet like the one on the left (who may have lost his wings, unless they are tucked behind him).  The one on the right is more sensual and even a bit sulky...in any case, they all wear the skimpy scarves or ribbons we see here.  The traditional bell is for ringing in the beginning of a New Year, and bells appear with Angels, children, Father Time and on simpler New Year designs, too.

Below we see a glorious Angel in a belltower.  She holds a hammer to ring the bell, and a golden star lights up the dark sky behind her.  Magnificent colors, and, again, very rich embossing.  This is an early undivided back postcard so the sender has written a message on the front in the spaces provided.  

Here is an Angel with the classic image of wealth - golden coins that fill a big bag, overflowing in a dramatic image of financial success. The smiling Angel wears a pink gown, a pink floral headdress and even has pink-tinged wings.   Pink roses complete the unusual color scheme.   In other New Year cards, the gold coins appear with elves, pigs, children, pretty ladies and pouring out of purses. 

Below is an Angel with another classic New Year image - the Midnight Clock which appears in many New Year postcards.

Here the clock is decorated with red clover and green shamrocks, and our little Angel holds bells - a postcard that combines several symbolic details.

The last postcard in our Angel New Year post shows an unusual scene published by B.W....proving that even heavenly little Angels can overindulge during the holidays.

Price Estimates:  Angel postcards vary widely in design and price and can be purchased between about $5 and $20.  The ones shown here are all embossed, and most have gold or silver details added.  In EXCELLENT condition, they cost about $10 to $20.  Remember, these prices are only estimates.