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Friday, July 6, 2012

CHILDREN on Antique July Fourth Postcards

This July post shows some of the many beautiful Independence Day postcards with children in the design.  Often with bright gold or silver added, these antique postcards light up a holiday collection. The children in the above image hold a sailboat, 4th of July flags and a gun, surrounded by silver stars.  The little boy on the left wears a classic sailor suit, popular in the Victorian era.  

In this postcard, gold stars and a gold border combine with gold lettering and brilliant colors to offer a traditional image.  The childhood military theme is carried by the boy in a paper hat, carrying a sword.  He is wearing a uniform, while his companions hold a big U.S. flag and a bugle.  Fireworks and gold stars complete the scene.  

The ever-popular artist, Ellen Clapsaddle, designed the Day we Celebrate postcard above, published by International Art.  The children are dressed as Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty, sometimes called Columbia.  An oval of little gold stars 'frame' the children against a red, white & blue background.   

The two flat postcards above are from a series published by Tuck of England, titled Independence Day No. 109 with all the designs inside shield-shaped borders with star-spangled drapes.   The backgrounds are gold and the images have fine detail. Both have exploding firecrackers, bright colors, poetic captions.

If the artwork on the card of three children below seems familiar, it is because the postcard is from the same series No. 4 as the image at the opening of this post.  Rich embossing, shining silver details, and long red strings of little firecrackers add to the visual impact. In this image both of the boys wear sailor suits and caps.

One more from this vivid series follows.  I especially like the use of the red firecrackers in this design.  Rich embossing, more silver details, plus red, white and blue stars.

Another string of little red firecrackers causes another little girl to cover her ears in our final design.  Lots of great detail, including a gold eagle, cannons at the bottom, and a banner where the lettering for The 4th of July is also made of firecrackers.  Rich embossing, bright colors, and gold touches throughout.

PRICE ESTIMATES: July 4th postcards with brilliant colors and metallic highlights are prized, so prices for top quality examples range from about $10 - $15 each.  Images that include Uncle Sam will be higher.  These estimates are for postcards in Excellent condition, and they are only estimates.