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Monday, November 18, 2013

Marie Flatscher CHRISTMAS Postcards

By now, readers of this blog know about my fondness for Marie Flatscher's artwork on postcards.  Since Christmas is approaching, this seems a good time to share some of her holiday designs.  Above we see a purple-robed Santa Claus accompanied by little Angels as he sleds through the clouds...a wonderful fantasy image that combines Flatscher's colorful palette and her mastery of facial expression. A flat postcard with no publisher given on the back, just the number 2237.

These adventurous Angels ride moonbeams through a black sky on these Meissner & Buch flat postcards, highlighted with gold.

Above are two more designs published by Meissner & Buch, flat postcards with pretty children in the snow...on one, a little dachshund watches as the children make and dress a snowman. Flatscher often included animals in her designs. 

Below is one of my favorite Marie Flatscher designs, of a red-robed Angel in the snowy forest, carrying a candle-lit Christmas tree.  A bevy of baby Angels surrounds her. Vibrant colors and exceptional artwork on a Meissner & Buch flat postcard.

Flatscher's designs were also published by Dondorf on flat postcards with quality detail.  Below are two Dondorf postcards, with cheery children and Angels.

The last Christmas postcard by Marie Flatscher in this post is an embossed image, published by PFB.  Little girls feed the birds on their balcony, and the sentiment is Loving Christmas Wishes, postmarked in 1909.

 Price Estimates:  Prices on Marie Flatscher designs have risen since I began collecting her postcards.  These cost me $5 to $32 for the Santa postcard at the start of the post.   Today, expect to pay several times this much for similar postcards.  These prices are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.