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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Florida CITRUS Sweeties & PARROT JUNGLE Pin-ups

This post looks at two special categories of Florida linen postcards:  Citrus-themes with beautiful women and Parrot Jungle pin-ups from the popular Miami attraction.  

We open with a citrus design graced by two lovely ladies in ruffled dresses, by Eastern Photo Litho.  These citrus-theme linen postcards share an over-the-top charm.  Below is a Curt Teich published postcard of bathing beauties around a citrus center, forming a "Florida Sunburst Blossom".

A Hartman Litho linen is captioned "A Florida Blossom Among Grapefruit and Oranges".  The woman at center also wears a long ruffled gown and the pairing of the yellow and orange fruits with her turquoise dress is especially vivid. 

This Curt Teich postcard, "Orange Picking Time in Florida" shows a sunny scene in the orange grove, where a young woman has cheeks nearly as bright as the fruit.  

Below are three leggy beauties with the colorful birds of Miami's Parrot Jungle attraction.  Two have the following advertisement & map on the back: 

This third postcard of a blonde beauty is published by Tichnor and has a regular postcard back: 

PRICE ESTIMATES: Excellent condition Florida linen postcards are plentiful and inexpensive.  They can be found for a few dollars each and make a vivid display when framed together.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Super CUTE CHILDREN from Three Postcard Artists

This post introduces three postcard artists who specialize in images of super cute kids.  We open with a vivid illustration by Chicky Sparks.  This little boy is flanked by flirtatious girls on a postcard with art deco styling.  Below is another Chicky Sparks design, also featuring flirting children.  These are both divided back flat postcards.   

M.G. Hays' adorable children are wide-eyed and round-faced cherubic kids.  Here are two  colorful Christmas designs with light embossing, poetic greetings and holly decoration.  These are both divided back postcards. 

The third artist shown in this post is Phyllis Purser.  Her charming postcards are published by Salmon in the UK.  They are standard size, divided back flat images with a glossy finish.  The series begins each caption with "I wonder"...

If you like cute kids, you may enjoy collecting these artists' work.  The postcards are not expensive, and will make a collection that's sure to bring a smile!

PRICE ESTIMATES:  The postcards shown here can be acquired for about $5 - $10 each.  These prices are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition, and they are only estimates.

Friday, June 6, 2014

BATHING BEAUTIES with Parasols Postcards

As the summer beaches become a favored destination for vacationers everywhere, we hear many warnings about overexposure to the sun.  Bathing beauties of the past used parasols, not sunscreen, to protect themselves from sunburn.  Also, pale skin was then considered a plus, much as a healthy touch of suntan is considered attractive today.  We open this post on parasols with a bright art deco design, one of my favorites.  Playful children and a sultry beauty share the sands.    This divided back flat design has a metallic sky and is hand-dated 1936 on the back.

No modesty here - this beauty knows just how alluring she is.  Along with stockings and beach shoes, she wears a revealing red bathing suit with an off-the-shoulder design, sure to make her the center of attraction.  Hers is an early bathing costume, and the postmark on this embossed postcard is 1914.

The caption at the top of this divided back flat British postcard says, "The Suggestion is Decidedly Cool" and we're unsure of whether that refers to walking in the surf or the shade of the bathing beauty's red parasol.

Another favorite, this one artist-signed Guillaume at lower right, with a warm tint to the colors and a crowd of interested observers in the background - some with binoculars and cameras.  According to the back of this undated divided back flat French postcard, the image is titled, "Sensation".   

A cheerful British beauty with a pun-caption lights up this divided back flat postcard.  It's postmarked 1922.  By this date, bathing beauties are no longer wearing stockings and this belle is barefoot.

Below we see two real photo studio beach beauties with parasols, the first published by Tuck from The Holiday Girl series, a hand-coloured Carbonette #4205.  Delicate colors on this divided back postcard...the lady is wearing shorts and a shirt.  She has a demure look and high-heeled shoes.  The second design, with more vivid colors, is a French postcard with the bathing beauty wearing beach shoes.  

PRICE ESTIMATES:  The postcards in this post will cost between about $7. and $25. with the opening art deco design the most expensive.  In general, real photo bathing beauties with parasols are a bit more expensive than bathing beauties without.  These estimates are for postcards in EXCELLENT condition and they are only estimates.