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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Artist signed Postcards: ETHEL PARKINSON

Ethel Parkinson was born in Hull in 1868.  About 1880 her family moved to Greenwich, South East London, and soon after she began working for C.W. Faulkner publishers.  

Her style for Faulkner included images of Dutch children at play, families and pretty children in Victorian clothing.  Parkinson used deep colors and dark outlines around the people in her images.  Some of the postcards have elaborate backgrounds, some have simple backgrounds, and some have a plain colored background. 

All the postcards in this post are flat designs published by C.W. Faulkner.  

 Below is an example of Ethel Parkinson's signature enlarged.

Here are two more images, also flat postcards published by Faulkner, without signatures.  I think they look like Ethel Parkinson's work...

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