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Saturday, September 26, 2015

REST ASSURED - Linen Roadside Hotel & Motel Postcards

Roadside linen postcards go in and out of popularity and are currently at lower prices than a few years ago - a great opportunity for collectors of these brightly colored advertising postcards from America's past. Those of us who remember family driving vacations treasure exciting memories of travel and the novelty of sleeping away from home.  Roadside linens are a fun way to relive such memories.  Above, we open with a multiview postcard of the Hotel Drayton in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and their motto, "Rest Assured".

We associate hotels with cities.  The increasing popularity of driving vacations encouraged new titles for roadside places to stay.  Here is the Branding Iron AUTO LODGE in Laramie, Wyoming.  Their western theme is illustrated with the cowboy in the design.

Another new title is MOTOR LODGE that we see on this Charlottesville, Virginia place to spend the night.  The 'blond' furniture was the height of fashion in the 1950s. 

The BOULEVARD LODGES in Salt Lake City, Utah, include a Sinclair garage and this postcard has a map at the bottom.  A collector could create a sub-set of roadside linens with maps to help tourists before talking phones and dashboards guided us to our destinations.

The HOTEL TEXAS includes a variety of western symbols on their multiview postcard and ties all the elements together with rope - a clever advertising design.

Travelers could drive right up to the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma PARK-O-TELL with a fireproof garage under the same roof and a convenient Coffee Shop.  Rooms were "air-conditioned in summer, steam-heated in winter."  

I have a particular fondness for linens that show vintage automobiles, so this multiview of the Del Rancho MOTEL and the restaurant "in connection" in Washington Court House, Ohio, is one of my favorites.  This establishment also included a Service Station and Theater. 

Roadside linens of hotels and motels offer several collecting options - a geographic region, a favorite vacation spot, fanciful designs, with-maps or other special features.  No matter what niche you select, you'll get a bright and colorful view of our vintage places to spend the night. 


  1. I love the linens I have of motels/hotels that are in the "shape" of something...wigwams, Dutch windmills, a ship, or an elephant.
    Also, when prices are shown on the back...like the Cresent Hotel on Miami Beach with Summer rates of $2./day or $10./week (2 in a room) in 1941.

    1. Me, too! I can remember stopping for gas on family driving vacations and paying under $1 a gallon...

  2. Great Post love the linen Roadside cards.