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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Marie Flatscher DOG Postcards

Here's a holiday gift for the pet-lovers among us - two posts showcasing Marie Flatscher's beautiful dogs and cats.  We begin with puppies under a red New Year umbrella on a rainy day.  Embossed lettering, no publisher given, #310 on a divided back.  Marie Flatscher's artwork was so popular that her postcards were published by Dondorf, Meissner-Buch and PFB then re-published by lesser companies.

A Meissner Buch-published design shows puppies exploring a basket of bright rings.  Baby's bottle stands nearby.  A divided back flat postcard postmarked 1911.

Another quality Meissner Buch flat postcard shows puppies in a basket with two baby bottles on the floor.  Flatscher's dog designs frequently include dachshunds.

An unusual design on an anonymous publisher's postcard.  Divided back, great purple color, a wonderful image of a sack of lively puppies.

A Dondorf-published design for Easter with pups examining a tiny chick.  Flatscher's animals show a natural curiosity that lends her designs extra charm.

Here curious puppies hesitate before a jester doll with cymbals - perhaps he winds up and makes a noise.  The dogs' expressions are priceless.  A red jester doll is one of the hallmarks of Flatscher's designs.

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