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Friday, November 27, 2015

Nister Old-Fashioned Style CHRISTMAS Postcards

The quality publisher, Nister, released several series of Christmas postcards with old-fashioned styling.  I think these are especially collectible, with fine artwork and wonderful colors on flat postcards.  The first postcard, signed by Albertine Randall Wheelan, shows a woman with a spinning wheel that illustrates a thread of life quote.  With a gold edge, this is #1639.

Above are two postcards with beautiful images of women wearing long red cloaks, both signed by C.E. Brock.  They are #2776 and #2777, with elaborate snowy-day designs and strong colors.  Note that both the man and boy wear cloaks and have shoulder-length curly hair showing beneath their hats.

Below are especially bright medieval-style images on vibrant Christmas postcards signed Albertine Wheelan Randall.  These have fancy calligraphic lettering, strong colors and are embellished with gold.  They are marked on the back with the numbers 210W, 213W and 214W.  

Any of these designs would make an elegant display at the holidays. In our eBay store we have custom-cut mats just the right size to fit antique and vintage postcards - they can be used individually in any 5X7 frame or placed behind the openings in multiple-picture frames to adjust the openings to fit your postcards.  Just use the postcardiva.com link at the bottom of the blog to get to our eBay listings.

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