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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas & New Year MAGIC LANTERN Postcards

I have just four of these projector (or 'magic lantern') postcards with partial embossing and silver backgrounds.  One of my favorite series, they are difficult to find, but well worth the search.   These postcards are the result of my more than 35 years of collecting!

Each postcard has embossed holly and an embossed projector with what appears to be a screen embossed in the silver background.  The colorful projected images are flat.  All the postcards have divided backs. 

As you can see, three of these are Christmas images and the last one is a New Year Greetings postcard.  The pretty little girl in pink below resembles the artwork of Frances Brundage but is unsigned - it may be a pirated image.  There's no publisher's logo on the back of any of these, simply the words Post Card at the top center.  If you would like to learn more about the history of Magic Lanterns, forerunners of modern projectors, the Magic Lantern societies of the United Kingdom and U.S./Canada have informative sites with photographs at: 
http://www.magiclantern.org.uk/index.php and http://www.magiclanternsociety.org/

Thanks for looking, and many thanks for sharing your always-welcome comments - Best wishes for a healthy, happy 2016 from Toni in Florida

Friday, December 11, 2015

More CHRISTMAS Fantasy Postcards

I posted some Christmas fantasy postcards in 2009 - this post adds some of my favorites to the Postcardiva blog.  Several have giant walnuts like the ones serving as drink barrels above - smaller nut shells serve as cups.  Rich embossing and great detail add to the charm of these images.  Below, large walnuts make a train for a young boy playing by the Christmas tree.

This little girl uses a walnut shell as a punchbowl with the same candle-lit tree in the background.  

Cookies appear as holiday treats on numerous Christmas postcards - here an almond-decorated heart cookie forms the body of this pretty lady being courted by a gentleman apple in a tophat.  

Santa flying through the air carrying a huge sack of toys and treats appears in more than one series, some with gold details and some without.  Here is a view of him on his magical journey.

These are ornaments or dolls come-to-life on a fantasy Christmas postcard.  Behind them is a lovely branch of evergreen frosted in gold decorated with sweet treats.

I hope your holiday is full of happy moments and joyous memories - Warm wishes from Toni in Florida