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Friday, December 11, 2015

More CHRISTMAS Fantasy Postcards

I posted some Christmas fantasy postcards in 2009 - this post adds some of my favorites to the Postcardiva blog.  Several have giant walnuts like the ones serving as drink barrels above - smaller nut shells serve as cups.  Rich embossing and great detail add to the charm of these images.  Below, large walnuts make a train for a young boy playing by the Christmas tree.

This little girl uses a walnut shell as a punchbowl with the same candle-lit tree in the background.  

Cookies appear as holiday treats on numerous Christmas postcards - here an almond-decorated heart cookie forms the body of this pretty lady being courted by a gentleman apple in a tophat.  

Santa flying through the air carrying a huge sack of toys and treats appears in more than one series, some with gold details and some without.  Here is a view of him on his magical journey.

These are ornaments or dolls come-to-life on a fantasy Christmas postcard.  Behind them is a lovely branch of evergreen frosted in gold decorated with sweet treats.

I hope your holiday is full of happy moments and joyous memories - Warm wishes from Toni in Florida


  1. These are nice, and very interesting. I have about 60 "better" Christmas cards, but none of these. Guess I should start searching.

  2. Yes, rather hard to find, but worth the search!