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Friday, January 15, 2016

Linen ADVERTISING Postcards

Collectors who favor linen postcards can point to the bright colors and great artwork found on these popular 1930s-1940s gems.  This post looks at advertising linens - there are many and you can specialize, if you wish, in fashion, food, automobile or other categories. (My collection includes lots of food)  We open with a salt water taffy ad from Ocean City, N.J. with a box of candy riding a wave - a great fantasy image!

Here is a fascinating candy store with vintage decorations, a big round mirror, stuffed toy animals, pink walls and display counters full of chocolates.   While the chocolates are appealing, I think it's really the post-war decor that makes this image so collectible. 

Two Stiffs is one of my favorites - with outstanding art deco styling plus a funny advertising slogan,  it epitomizes the frequently odd charm of linen advertising postcards.

Back in the food category, this beautiful Garden Seed postcard illustrates a different style of linen ads.  Completely realistic, it relies on brilliant colors to attract the buyer.   

Fanny Farmer Candies published a number of linen advertising postcards.  They are fairly easy to find and reasonably priced.  In this one, children eye a friend playing soldier with a box of candies under his arm - another odd fantasy! 

The artwork on this bright Mayflower Shops postcard is by the well-known Maxfield Parrish.   He illustrated some other advertising postcards and a collector could focus on Parrish artwork as a small exclusive genre.  Whatever category of advertising interests you, linens offer a fine assortment of desirable collectible images.