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Monday, February 29, 2016

Favorite FLOWERS on Antique Postcards: ROSES

Roses on antique postcards are a classic collecting favorite.  Designs come in a variety of colors and styles:  each of the postcards in this post is from a series of greeting postcards that would be especially fine shown together.  Choose your personal favorite!

The above two Birthday postcards have natural-looking pink roses with rich embossing.

Here are two examples from a series of roses in vases with delicate gold details, brilliant colors and fine embossing.  

This series of fabulous roses labels each with its name in faint lettering, a delightful group to frame.  The first picture in this post is also from this series.

This series of roses in baskets with greetings printed on little banners comes with both baskets and roses in different colors.  

This gorgeous embossed postcard with a silver background is signed at the lower left by C. Klein who created many fine images of nature - her roses are probably the most famous. 

We close with a novelty design postcard, airbrushed color applied to extra-embossed roses around the edges of a Congratulation greeting.  This postcard has carefully applied color and is a fine example of the extra-embossed style. 

Favorite FLOWERS on Antique Postcards: Forget-me-nots

Collecting a favorite flower on antique postcards creates a group with exceptional color for display.  You can choose a flower that has special meaning to you or one whose color coordinates with your decor. Forget-me-nots have an especially friendly/romantic meaning and appear on many antique postcards, making them easy to find.   Here's just an example of forget-me-not greeting postcards.  All are embossed. 

This whimsical sleigh of forget-me-nots drawn by doves is one of my favorites, combining the beautiful blue and white of the design elements with a "floral object" fantasy. 

Above is a lovely classical design with no sentiment - perfect for framing!  Below is another "floral object" with little hearts floating in the smoke from the fantasy locomotive.

This design combines a country scene with the forget-me-nots, and adds a bright golden 'frame' for extra sparkle.  The Congratulation postcard below also has bright gold added to the image as a cornucopia-shaped vase holds the flowers.

In the next post we'll take a look at ROSE postcards - a perennial favorite of collectors.

MORE Fabulous Inexpensive GREETING Postcards

This is a second post showcasing some extra-vivid greeting postcards from the early years of the 20th century, all with rich embossing.  Available for just a few dollars each, they have outstanding colors and eye-catching designs.  They are ideal for artists, craftspersons and scrapbooking, and I like to send a picture of one of these with an email.

The two above greetings are especially wonderful for the rose-collector with big bright images of that beloved flower.

This Best Wishes design has a solid gold background, adding another layer of elegance to this image of violets and delicate lilies-of-the-valley. 

This design incorporates a big gold Good Luck horseshoe into the Best Wishes image.

Below are two postcards from a gorgeous bird-and-rainbow series that looks fabulous framed together.  Each card has a fancy gold border with art nouveau styling.

This image of red blossoms floating through the air has a sophisticated flair.  Inexpensive greeting designs come in a variety of types - the ones with no sentiment are especially suitable for framing.  You can find them for a few dollars on the internet sites and may also find exceptional examples reasonably priced at postcard shows - happy collecting!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Beautiful BIRTHDAYS - Collecting Fabulous Inexpensive Postcards

When you have been collecting postcards for a number of years, special interests may attract  your attention - you may be drawn to art deco advertising, famous artists, or exposition postcards, just to name a few expensive specialities.  But suppose you are just starting out, not sure you want to invest in pricey postcards.  Or perhaps you are introducing a child to the pleasures of collecting postcards and don't want to risk damage to top-end collectibles...There are many wonderful postcards in the inexpensive Greetings category that might suit your purposes - here are some fabulous examples that can be found for just a few dollars.  Most of these are birthday postcards - you can also find Congratulations, Best Wishes and similar greetings with great designs.

All of the postcards shown here were published in Germany.  The top four have rich embossing, brilliant colors and lavish gold added to the images.  Displayed together they present a dazzling feast of eye-candy!

On the four postcards above, the birthday greetings are embossed on gold backgrounds - big red roses and other blossoms add exceptional colors to the designs.

The second type of greetings I especially like are the fantasy images sometimes referred to as "floral objects" for obvious reasons.  Especially suitable for a child's collection, there are images of houses, all sorts of vehicles and, as shown below, more esoteric designs, all fashioned of flowers.  These feature very detailed embossing, sometimes with delicate gold highlights.

Below are heart-embellished silver and gold automobiles filled with giant flowers, made especially eye-catching with metallic inks and outstanding colors.   

We end with an example of one of my favorite motifs - a white dove perched in a floral setting, carrying good wishes.  Rich embossing, brilliant colors and delicate gold highlights make these especially pretty.  There are many with this elegant theme and they look magnificent displayed together - a multiple-opening frame can easily be adapted to accommodate these with our custom-cut mats made to fit antique postcards.  These postcards and our mats can be found in our eBay store - just click the link at the bottom of the blog to reach postcardiva. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Children on Valentines appear frequently on vintage and antique postcards with sweet or funny images that celebrate the innocent quality of Valentine wishes...after all, a Valentine can be sent to a friend, a relative, a teacher - all with simple affectionate intent.  In this post, we see three different types of child Valentines - the first images are from Ellen Clapsaddle. This opening image of a shy little girl with her fan and a bashful little boy is signed Ellen Clapsaddle at lower right and it's published by Wolf.  

The Clapsaddle signature appears at the bottom left on this vivid wintery scene of children gathered in a heart on a bright red background.  Published by International Art, it has nice embossing.

This lovely Clapsaddle image, signed at lower left, has a hopeful sentiment and a wonderful design with a red heart 'framing' an illustration of a young girl wearing elegant medieval-style dress and holding a feather fan.  It is published by International Art with nice embossing and fancy lettering.  Forget-me-nots (a perfect flower for Valentine's Day) add pretty blue accents.

Our second selection is from Whitney publishers, famous for their cute children on a wide variety of holiday and greeting postcards.  These all feature light embossing.  In the first, a girl wrestles with a classic dilemma. 

In the next two Whitney images with brilliant red backgrounds, little fellows dressed in work attire express their Valentine Greetings to sweet little girls in hats.  

The last image in this post shows two fine postcards from Winsch publishing.  These little girls are especially pretty and the postcards 'frame' them in elaborate heart-embellished art nouveau-style frames.  Gold added, rich embossing and the fanciful lettering for which Winsch is known.  Beautiful!

Happy Valentine's Day from Florida!